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Why Sleep Counseling?

For 8 years, Moorea Malatt has offered to family professionals evidence-based sleep education, combining the biological and behavioral sciences, lactation/ feeding science, attachment theory, mental health awareness and a highly tailored, empathetic touch.

Upon getting ready to complete her Masters in Science in Marriage and Family Counseling to add onto her Perinatal Mental Health Training, it has become clear to her exactly what makes the work she’s done with parents over 12 years and with students over 8 years so different from other models. It actually isn’t just sleep consulting. This is sleep counseling.

Parents must be fully HEARD and SEEN in their unique struggles (often including tears, confusion and frustration and doubt) and goals before any advice or can be given, and that plan is always tailored to the family. They need to feel emotionally aligned with and confident in any plan we give them. Parents also deserve a sleep professional who will support the parent’s mindset and mental wellbeing throughout the sleep plan, alongside supporting baby’s wellness.

We’ve never believed in a plug-n-play template for every family with a child of a certain age. 

Clients often have three or four major parenting decisions to make as part of the sleep plan co-creative process, and these should be mindful, informed choices. Caregivers deserve evidence-based information and hear what to expect with each, to help them make these important decisions.

Add counseling skills to the mix and SNAP! 

The outcome? 

Unprecedented success. Improved parenting confidence for clients.

Stellar testimonials.

This is Sleep Counseling.

An 8-Phase tailored process for supporting families through their unique sleep challenges. It starts with listening deeply.

Moorea Malatt
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