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 Have some bigger sleep challenges to solve?

Get. Some. Sleep.

Sleep Savvy Baby
an online course

0 – 15 months

Secure Sleep, Solo!

I love you, goodnight!
an online course

16 months – 5 years

Sleep Savvy Online Courses Are:

Gentle: this method never leaves a baby to cry alone  – even for a minute (like in cry-it-out or ‘walk-in-walk-out’ methods).

Respectful: we meet babies where they are, developmentally, and don’t expect them to achieve things they’re not yet capable of. And we make a plan which respects your needs and goals as a human adult, too.

Fast: parents using this method typically see sleep transformed in just four nights: with most of the progress typically made in the first two – rather than 12-14 nights like many books and programs out there. I mean, who has that kind of stamina when you already have a sleep deficit?

Collaborative: the method lays foundations for respectful communication, boundaries and consent with your baby, with benefits which extend way beyond sleep. 

Sleep Savvy Grows with Your Family! Use my teachings up to 15 months and keep access for your next newborn! 

Dr. Beatrice Rabkin

Dr. Liz Cahill

Claire Z
Postnatal Fitness Instructor