Join us in a powerful small container just for primary caregivers ready find your way back to your Self and ready to call in more support from others.


Weekly Wednesdays 12noon Pacific/ 3pm Eastern For 1 hour
Beginning May 29th 

  • Identify and meet your real needs and watch your desires become reality!
  • Finally let go of martyrdom/ control, let in more love and receive support, abundance and time for you
  • Reconnect with your creativity and dreams, and meet powerful new parts of yourself.
  • Baby steps. Just start with and hour together each week and 20 minutes of homework
  • After 6 months, you’ll feel more expansive, more in your power, and truly HELD and showered with blessings!

What we’ll do together:

  • Therapeutic art activities
  • Script-writing for teaching your loved ones how to support your needs and desires
  • Self-Talk re-writes
  • Level up your self-compassion 10X
  • Break patterns with Internal Family Systems (IFS/ parts work) and The 4 Questions
  • Learn Sex Magic spells for receiving your desires! (you don’t need a partner for this)
  • Accountability and some loving kicks in the booty if you’re standing in your own way.
  • Book Club!!!!
  • Many other magical modalities…

What you might call in during this adventure:

  • new ways of being supported by your friends, family and community
  • feeling unapologetic about taking time for yourself
  • a massive shedding of shame and guilt
  • a new job or career
  • more financial abundance
  • a new or more fulfilling relationship (OR that separation/divorce that needed to happen.)
  • the garden of your dreams
  • space and deeper commitment to your spiritual path
  • a physical space of your own
  • tapping back into your creativity- & what makes you, you!
  • a new baby?
  • many new freedoms.what will you claim?


I’m Moorea.

I’ve been a certified life and career coach for 17 years+. I’ve worked with tiny humans and their parents for over 25 years, including as a sleep consultant and lactation counselor for the last decade+.  In that time I have helped thousands of babies (and parents) to sleep. But even when we’ve found sleep again, most of us struggle to find our sovereignty as a whole @ss embodied person, and after having so much responsibility on our shoulders in the intense work of parenting, we struggle to let go and be truly open to more support from our circles (and the universe). We somehow got de-actualized and we’re inside of our own little bubble of to-do and to-give. 

What’s more, most of us have had to very in control and very self-sufficient (and very giving but not very receptive!) even before we became parents.
I’ve been on a fascinating journey of learning how to become more receptive (to the universe, to my partner, to my community, to my friends, to myself!) and I’d like to share some of the fun steps in this journey with you!

Maybe you’re saying  “It would be so fun to hang out with Moorea and new parent friends and myself- but I can’t give this to myself because I don’t have time for myself to show up for this.”  So Ironic, right?  And I’ve been there. But If that’s you, schedule a free 15 minutes with me to brainstorm how you can make this happen!

More about me: I’m mom to a 14 yr old and a 6 yr old. I’m certified in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C), almost finished with my Marriage and Family Therapy degree. And…I’m going to do all of the work over again with you, as a peer!

Only $275 for 5 months in our container
(Valued at over over $2500 !)

-Weekly Wednesdays 12noon Pacific/ 3pm Eastern For 1 hour

-Fun optional “homework”, prompts and video encouragement
-One Virtual “Sleepover” retreat (date TBD by participants)
– You do not need to attend every single wed. Prompts/notes emailed.