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Support your clients through all of the toddler/preschooler challenges!

With this course you can educate families on how to implement effective Gentle Discipline practices where child and parent are both respected, as well as how to complete the potty learning process gently and quickly no matter what age they decide to start.

In our culture, we tend to serve families well through pregnancy and infancy, but there are few professionals out there to support families through the extremely challenging toddler and preschooler years! The boundary-setting they learn and confidence you’ll help them build in these years will last forever!

Enrolling now. I take a limited amount of mentees each quarter so register below. Gentle Discipline & Potty Savvy Certification can be completed in as little as 3 months or as long as 6 months- at your pace!

Who is the Gentle Discipline & Potty Savvy Certification Program for?

✔ Sleep and parenting consultants

✔ Preschool and Daycare Teachers and directors

✔ Postpartum or Perinatal Counselors and Psychotherapists

✔ Family Doctors and Naturopaths

✔ Occupational and Speech Language Therapists

✔ Lactation Consultants and Counselors

✔ Parent-child class facilitators

✔ Doulas

✔ Nannies and babysitters

✔ Parents who are serious about becoming parenting consultants

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I have successfully supported over 600 families with my Savvy Gentle Discipline and Potty Savvy methods. Can I mentor you into a new chapter in your career? My methods are based on research and extensive experience and it is informed by my background in childhood development and psychology, 10 years as a preschool director and teacher, 15 years as a nanny, 8 years as a mom and 7 years focusing  on parent consulting.

Moorea Malatt

Parenting Educator, Lactation Counselor-Educator


Professionals Say

Andrea Gerdes

Parent Consultant

learned so much

Thanks so much for your time, Moorea. I enjoyed working with you and learned so much from this training.


Gwen Kiehne

Certified Sleep Consultant and Educator

major success with clients

I‘m starting to get more work than I know what to do with! I have had major success with clients and people keep recommending me!


Jill Colley

Certified Sleep Consultant Doula and Educator

wonderful results

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn about your approach to getting children to sleep without crying it out. It was eye-opening to see how many families responded that they needed my help. It is very rewarding to know that I can truly help a family. I love coaching these families, and enjoy being a supportive, encouraging person in their lives as they learn to set boundaries that result in wonderful results for the entire family!


Course Content

Module 1: Self-study

Online module with slides and voice, and Studies and Articles Overview. 8hrs. You will learn to:

  • Understand gentle discipline vs. positive discipline vs. “traditional” discipline.
  • Halt and prevent parent harm behaviors; biting, kicking, hitting etc.
  • Create an environment of safety, security and trust to prevent challenges.
  • Prevent and shorten tantrums (and why some tantrums are essential for growth)
  • Preventing and stopping Picky Eating and Food Throwing
  • Master the end of pacifier and thumb/finger sucking/ nail biting.
  • Work with clinginess and facilitate solo play while actually strengthening attachment.
  • Set children up for successful transitions small and large.
  • Navigate difficult drops offs to a new daycare or school.
  • Educate against corporal punishment with science.
  • Build agency and confidence in young children
  • Learn pros and cons, age appropriateness and the science surrounding “time-outs”
  • Master the areas where modeling is better than teaching, including “sharing” and apologies.
  • Know when and how to introduce numbers of choices and related, reasonable, respectful consequences.
  • Fix bedtime avoidance behaviors, preschool middle of the night jumping into parent bed.
  • Model bodily consent and respectful preparatory communication around touch
  • Install confidence in parenting choices and parent values, even in social situations.
  • Encourage Clarity in Consistency in your parent clients
  • Work with various child personalities and parent personalities and styles
  • Mediate small amounts of parent disagreement on parenting responses.
  • Safety and hygiene reminders talking to and working with families.
  • Recognizing unusual behaviors for referral out.
  • The process of home vs phone consulting vs. working directly with the child.
  • How to get in touch with your intuition for consulting.

Potty Learning:

  • Teach my Potty Savvy Method anywhere from 10 months to 4 years.
  • Learn why the “Readiness Method” and diaper corporations are failing families and learn a simple global perspective on hygiene.
  • What are the best potties and products for easy and comfortable potty learning with less mess?
  • Avoid all negativity and shame language during the potty learning process.
  • Address common potty challenges like potty refusal, floor pee on purpose, stool withholding, and hiding to poop.
  • Use preparation and utmost clarity with little ones for the easiest, quickest, most joyful potty learning experience.
  • Prevent and mend parent-child struggles and miscommunications about potty learning.


Module 2: Family Case Studies

Workshop sample family case studies Moorea in both gentle discipline and toileting. You’ll submit to me practice family written plans using the templates I’ve provided. I will give feedback and we will workshop/discuss.

Module 3: Your Gentle Discipline and Potty Consulting Practice

Webinar/Zoom format and Q & A 10 hrs

  • Special case challenges and comparison of common philosophies
  • How do you decide when you are out of scope of this work and when to refer?  What kind of help comes from a counselor/ therapist? What a you do as a consultant versus when you do the work in the home/with the child.  How do various professionals work this knowledge into their practice?
  • Understanding the most current marketing approaches/methods and easy ways to get started.
  • Special biz marketing and networking tips and tricks for this part of your practice and beyond.
  • How to price your services.
  • Packages, contracts and easy, inexpensive options for liability insurance.
Module 4: Practicum with Families
  • Working professionally with real 3 practicum cases (up to 1 year, your pace).  Your clients will be paying you while I support you in supporting them.  This will be be around 15-18 hours of work.
  • 2+hrs of private mentorship directly from me. We will jump on the phone/ zoom when you need me and I’ll also be available by text. I’ll teach you how to find these first clients.
  • Submit assessment, goals and gentle discipline and potty written plans (google docs) for your three clients. One needs to be a discipline client and one needs to be a toileting client- the third is up to you.
  • Personal coaching by your mentor, Moorea Malatt, share and consults with your peers through the private Facebook group.
  • Comprehensive materials to do assessments and info to share with your clients -that you can add your own logo to.
  • Gentle Discipline/ Potty Plan templates to serve your clients.
  • Lifetime access to Modules, Slides to show your clients and that you can teach with, Videos, Printables, Facebook Peer Group.
  • The very latest information and studies regularly brought to you via Facebook group classroom.
  • Email access to me for one year for quick questions, reduced consulting fee if you need me after you’re certified.
  • Your website and contact info listed as a Certified Consultant.

Improve the Quality of Life for Families and get testimonials like this:

Thank you for your continued support and concern and helping us finally solve our potty challenge. Your spirit is so generous. I hope one day our paths will cross, so that I may give you a real hug for being by mine and my husband’s side throughout this challenge. You are a gem to us, and we will always think of you fondly.


Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the incredibly beneficial phone call! He pooped. He peed. Such a triumph! You are such an authentic, special person. You are a God-send!


Ontario Canada

I would have paid 10 times what you charged for the gentle discipline program. I think I’d bought 20 books and I was only getting more and more confused. We started implementing the boundaries and helpful phrases and I suddenly had a new 2 year old and I’m now confident in my parenting even in public! Haha! Thank you!


Oakland, CA

I was just referring back to the worksheet that you sent when we did our amazing phone consult with you on gentle discipline with our son. We have peace! It’s been so very helpful, so thank you again.


Seattle, WA

You will be prepared and certified to:

  • Provide gentle discipline and potty learning education to expecting and new parents in your own classes, workshops and parenting groups. 
  • Support parents ethically through unique problem solving plans you co-create with them- not based on a one-size-fits-all approach.  
  • Serve families in work you feel deeply appreciated for and well-paid for. 

Your Course is part self-paced instruction & part practicum with tailored support- you’ll call or text me when you’re in the trenches!

Receiving Your Certification:

Exit Practicum Report 4-7 pages and Completion Interview by phone Complete Your Certification after Modules 1-4 are completed.

Candidates have 6mo from your enrollment date to finish all requirements of the program, unless you let me know about a hardship.

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Your tax-deductible investment is $765 $612


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Are you ready to become that extra parenting support everyone needs?

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I’m also looking forward to imparting my experience onto you!

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Refund Policy:

Once they have completed the course and mentorship practicum, students are eligible for a partial refund if you feel I did not provide the training or mentorship I promised. Once you have access to course materials, there are otherwise no refunds, though you may delay your start date if needed!