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Wed. March 13th – 12noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern

1 hour webinar (Recorded too!)


This webinar is for: 

🌘 Entrepreneurs

🌘 Family Professionals/ Doulas/ NCS/ Lactation Pros

🌘 Extroverts, Introverts and everyone in between

🌘 Whether you’ve been in biz for YEARS or just completed a degree/certification.

You will learn: 

🌒 The research behind “Imposter Phenomenon” 

🌒 Why “overcoming”, “banishing” and “eradicating”  Imposter Syndrome never works. 

🌒 Working with “new level, new devil” as you grow your biz

🌒 Why Self- Doubt is all a form of Ego and real confidence comes from humility.

🌒 Art therapy and journaling exercises for befriending your Imposter Syndrome and making it WORK for you

🌒 Mindset shifts and affirmations to help attract respectful, ideal clients to you. 

I’m Moorea, The Sleep Witch.

I’ve worked with tiny humans for over 25 years, and as a sleep professional and lactation educator & counselor for over a decade. I also educate and certify family professionals in sleep support at the Sleep Counseling Institute.I’m finishing my MS in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I’ve been a Licensed Life and Career Coach since 2006. I’m a former postpartum doula, nanny and preschool teacher-director.

  • PMH-C certified in Perinatal Mental Health
  • LEC Lactation counselor and educator
  • Bringing Home Baby (Gottman) Trained
  • Licensed Life and Career Coach 
  • Completing Masters in Science in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • BA in Psychology with a family and gender concentration
  • AA in Early Childhood Education and Development


Wed. March 13th – 12noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern

1 hour webinar (Recorded too!)