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The Art and Science of Lactation & Sleep for Professionals Webinar Recording

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Recording of March 4th Webinar


Recording of the March 4th Webinar

3hrs recorded for you.  $75 tax-deductible investment. 3 credit hours for DONA International, IBCLC’s/IBLCE and CAPPA!
You’ll feel more confident answering client sleep questions and setting families up to sleep soundly.

This webinar is for:

  • Birth and Postpartum Doulas
  • Lactation Consultants and Counselors, peer breastfeeding / chestfeeding educators
  • Postpartum or Perinatal Counselors and Psychotherapists
  • Family Doctors, Naturopaths, newborn nurses
  • Parent-Baby class facilitators


You will learn:

  • The Science of Breastfeeding and Infant/Maternal Sleep including how to best utilize natural circadian rhythms and the sleep and wake hormones.
  • How to educate families on the anthropology and biology of breastfeeding / bodyfeeding and sleep.
  • Special considerations for serving bottle feeding, formula-feeding and exclusively-pumping families.
  • Discussion of the works and studies of Dr. Helen Ball and Dr. James McKenna
  • How to best support families that wish to bed-share while protecting yourself legally.
  • To prioritize breastfeeding / chestfeeding relationship while also helping families find a balance between nursing, sleep, work and mental health.
  • To better understand and, compare sleep training methods parents are using and the latest thought on safety and health of sleep interventions.
  • Infant, maternal, and family development and milestones; environments, special needs, and nutritional challenges as they relate to sleep.
  • How to talk to families about sleep in a supportive and non-judgmental way that helps you understand and mold your sleep help to their unique values.
  • Clear understanding of safer sleepadvantages and disadvantages of sleep products available.
  • Exactly how an overnight consultant/doula can help baby learn important sleep skills gently.
  • When you are staying in scope of a doula, lactation professional or therapist presenting evidence-based info and when this crosses over into sleep consulting.
  • Best sleep practices for parents and caregivers from the Sleep Savvy Method.

Note: This course will not teach you how to “sleep train” a newborn under 4 months so that they will sleep through the night. The AAP does not recommend sleep training before 3 months and does not recommend it specifically until after 6 months. Moorea Malatt of teaches this workshop. She is a Lactation Counselor-Educator, Certified Postpartum Doula, Parent Coach and Mom with a background in child development and psychology, anthropology and biology. She works primarily as a sleep and parenting educator and consultant for families in the Sleep Savvy Method. More About Moorea. (If you are already enrolled in the Sleep Counseling Professional Certification Course, you can view this live webinar for free.)