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I’m Moorea, The Sleep Witch.

I’ve worked with tiny humans for 25 years, and as a sleep consultant and lactation educator-counselor for over a decade. I worked as a nanny, night nanny and toddler preschool teacher while still in high school!  In this time I have helped thousands of babies (and parents) to sleep and I am Perinatal Mental Health Certified PMH-C. I was put on this planet to help you protect your mental health by getting as much sleep as you can in parenting, while not compromising your parenting ethics and values. 

I get it deep in my bones – I was a severely sleep deprived new parent. I thought I’d learned everything – having done every sleep training method under the sun for families I worked with. But when I became a parent, I realized that none of those methods felt right to me and none of them gave me the sleep science I needed so that I could feel secure in making the right choices for my child. And I’ve been teaching my science-based, experience-based method ever since!