⦿ Learn strategies for navigating life transitions

⦿ Move past overwhelm

⦿ Reclaim your energy

⦿ Craft & keep magnificent boundaries

⦿ Prioritize Pleasure

⦿ Eradicate martyrdom & self-sacrifice (yes, you!)

⦿ Cultivate self-compassion

⦿ Reclaim your inner fire

Once I help you hone in on what your needs are and support you through actions to get them met, we can move toward helping you connect with your sense of security within yourself and in your parenting choices. You’ll find your personal power, and sense of calm confidence!

I consider becoming a parent and navigating the numerous challenges of parenting to be the greatest psychological and spiritual work one can do– even though this work isn’t as culturally celebrated as becoming a master meditator, giving a TED Talk of perfecting your abundance mindset 😉

Areas of Support:

  • Perinatal Mental Health  (Pregnancy- 2yrs. Acute status only if you also have psychiatric care)
  • Adjustments to Parenthood like identity loss and overwhelm
  • Boundaries and Consistency
  • Couples struggling with communication about parenting
  • Decisions about becoming a parent/ having more children
  • Maintaining sexual wellness and connection while parenting
  • Divorce and Separation in early parenting
  • LGBTQIA, Trans, Nonbinary and Gender Expansive parents and kids
  • Early attachment education and attachment concerns
  • Lactation challenges, bottle feeding and weaning decisions
  • PMDD coaching (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and severe PMS)
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum acute and long term recovery support
  • Evaluations for perinatal depression, anxiety and OCD.
  • Reclaiming personal power and creativity after becoming a parent
  • Sleep Support for Adults (Infant/child support packages here.)
  • Re-birth ritual creation and facilitation to help you and baby heal through a re-do after a challenging birth.

​The intensive parenting season in our lives can be painful, stressful, exhausting, meaningful and joyful all at once! Most of us these days don’t come into parenting with a knowledgeable, mindful and trusted support network. You may feel you lack the “village” or a trusted older sibling or best parenting buddy. And it is possible that the folks around you don’t even share the same parenting values.

That’s where I fly into your life! I consider myself to be an extra partner in your parenting journey.
Our time on zoom will be like a brisk walk together (or a little kayak adventure!)

Working with me:

My goal is to support you through challenges quickly and efficiently and help you build confidence in your own intuition and abilities. In other words, my goal is to move you OUT of my practice.

I offer 55min support sessions weekly for 4 weeks as an initial package at $480 with additional 55min calls for $120 after our work together is established.

We can begin with a free 15 min consult to determine fit.
Then, we set up to start with a package of 4 sessions.

I take payment by PayPal or Venmo and will send you a service product to click or a special invoice. I do not take any insurance. I am not a state-licensed mental health counselor,  though I’ve had years of training toward that work and I am working toward my Marriage and Family Therapy licensure. Perinatal specialist who take insurance can be hard to come by, but I will go my best to help you find one if needed! 

Fees cover supporting 1 or 2 parents/caregivers on each call. Some Health Savings programs will allow you to claim my services. Young children can be in the room with you during Zoom calls


About Me

     ​I’m a 42 year-old Perinatal Mental Health specialist (PMH-C), Certified Life Coach, Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor-Educator. I’m currently completing a Marriage and Family Therapy Masters program.  I’m a queer-identified, extroverted plant and cat lover, Libra sun, Taurus Rising, Leo Moon. My partner is a Marriage and Family Therapist and together we raise a teen and a 6 year old! 

     I am privileged to make my life’s work supporting parents in areas where I’ve suffered, found the magical tools to navigate these areas and then been able to make meaning of those challenging times. 

     Many of the underlying factors in even mundane parenting challenges exist inside of couples’ communication challenges. I’m on the other side of two divorces. These life changes brought first tremendous shame and guilt, then profound lessons and learning and finally, integration of the purpose they served in my journey! Since, I’ve done enough internal work to have landed the relationship of my dreams, a blended family. I love to coach parents through strengthening relationship communication and finding compromise around parenting issues; as well as navigating separations and divorce and attachment concerns with young children.

     I also love to be a support for gestational parents navigating Hyperemesis Gravidarum- a physical illness that often also severely disrupts mental health-  nobody can truly understand the discomfort, disappointment and fear unless you’ve been there.

      I am passionate about working with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD, and similarly, severe PMS)- a widely under-diagnosed illness I thought would continue to sabotage everything good in my life; one where doctors and therapists weren’t educated and could not help much. For folks with PMDD, there are so many tools I can’t wait to share with you!

     I have a passion for creating tailored, bite-sized concrete action plans for after our calls, which I call SELF-WORK (rather than homework). Sometimes we sort of know what we need to do to feel better or to take action, but are simply too overwhelmed to make it happen alone. We need hand holding and accountability. I extend my hand…

*I will support you via online ZOOM video app and I live gently and mindfully with my family on the unceded territory and homelands of the sx̌ʷəbabš, the Swiftwater People, part of the Coast Salish tribes.*

Father holds baby, Mother smiles as sibling kisses baby's head
Mother gazes at baby in bed while sibling looks on with jealousy
Moms cuddling their sleeping baby on a couch
Dad holding toddler, mom by their side on a trail or in a park

Education and Training

It all started with an Early Childhood Education AA degree, many years teaching and directing preschools. I have been a Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance for 18 years. 15 years ago I became a postpartum doula through Bastyr University/ Seattle Midwifery School and then in 2014, a Lactation Educator and Counselor (LEC) through UC San Diego. I completed my training in Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C) in 2019 through PSI Postpartum Support international, where I am also the volunteer Breastfeeding/Bodyfeeding coordinator. My BA is was Psychology WWU, MA Marriage and Family Therapist in progress (happening slowly due to career and…. parenting!) 

Your work with me is fully confidential, but these happy clients have chosen to share testimonials:

Your work with me is fully confidential, but these happy clients have chosen to share testimonials:

Working with you helped me climb out of that dark place, while respecting myself and my son, and honoring our relationship.


Pittsburgh, PA

Moorea! Thank you so much for having that special call with us. You’re right, I think I needed some help with consent around my body and boundaries. We feel more confident and our quality time is better because we are not so exhausted!
Elizabeth and Dave

Cape May, NJ

I feel like the happiest person on earth right now! Thank you so much for being so helpful and supportive!

Vienna, Austria

This process has been surprisingly intimate and lovely. All these changes we’ve made have surprisingly felt rooted in love and compassion and respect! Thank you so much, Moorea!


Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your continued support and concern and helping us finally solve our challenge. Your spirit is so generous. I hope one day our paths will cross, so that I may give you a real hug for being by mine and my husband’s side throughout this challenge. You are a gem to us, and we will always think of you fondly.

Los Angeles, CA

We need to thank you for being our 3rd partner in parenting. You have gotten us through major tantrums, communication challenges, a forever bedtime and night waking, the picky eating problem of the century and now feeding challenges with a second baby. You have to make an app so everyone can have you as a parenting partner in their pocket!

San Francisco, CA

It was amazing to finally get support on parenting and help communicating through a queer divorce from someone who had been through it! I wish we had had your help before the baby came and during those first few months.



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