Sleep Savvy Baby

An Online Course for Parents
of Newborn through 15 months

Are you googling in the middle of the night because you’re:

✯ scared that your baby will never sleep well unless you cave under pressure to do ‘cry it out’?

worried your baby isn’t getting enough sleep?

✯ worried that you or your partner are actually starting to crack with exhaustion?

desperate to teach your baby to go down easier and wake less at night?

confused by conflicting advice, with none of it sounding right for your family?

✯ ready to be done with pacing, bouncing, rocking, or feeding All. Night. Long?

✯ on your last nerve from short frequent naps or super early mornings?


The Savvy Sleep method walks you, step-by-step, through creating a sleep plan tailored just for your family, your unique baby. 

There’s even space and support for the feelings both baby and parent often experience when making big sleep changes and hitting new sleep milestones.

The end result: sweet, restorative rest. Emergence from the fog of intensively caring for your baby or toddler at sleep times as if they were still a newborn, while under-functioning in the rest of your life.

Here’s what’s included:

🌒 Easily digestible sections (you can watch or just listen on a walk or while folding laundry). 

🌒 Step-by-step instructions to create your unique plan to dramatically improve baby’s sleep.

🌒 One email response from me to answer up to two burning questions. 

🌒 Printable worksheet and plan template PDFs + google doc versions so you can do this without a printer.

🌒 Compiled, regularly updated and balanced list of scientific studies and references to back up everything I teach you. 

🌒 Discount pricing on private consulting with Moorea, the Sleep Witch, if you decide you want some high-touch support. 


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

What parents say about the magic of Sleep Savvy:

“This process of creating and following our plan has been surprisingly intimate and lovely. I thought I’d be fearing bedtime but instead, I feel eager to learn with my daughter. All these changes have felt rooted in love and compassion and respect.”

–  Angie P, Los Angeles, CA


“I feel so good. We are all sleeping through till 6:30 and there is a noticeable difference in all of our moods.”

– L & D Berkeley, CA


“Your approach really aligned with our style and comfort level. It helped us get back to sanity after a long and challenging 9 month sleep disaster!”

– Emily L. Seattle, WA


“We are down to one waking from 6 and if she cries we might hum a little or rub her lovie on her cheek for a bit. I’ve seen such improvement these last few days that I can hardly believe it.  I am almost scared to write it because I don’t want to jinx myself.”

– Patrizia, New York, NY


Sleep Savvy Is:

Gentle: this method never leaves a baby to cry alone  – even for a minute (like in cry-it-out or ‘walk-in-walk-out’ methods).

Respectful: we meet babies where they are, developmentally, and don’t expect them to achieve things they’re not yet capable of. And we make a plan which respects your needs and goals as a human adult, too.

Fast: parents using this method typically see sleep transformed in just four nights: with most of the progress typically made in the first two – rather than 12-14 nights like many books and programs out there. I mean, who has that kind of stamina when you already have a sleep deficit?

Collaborative: the method lays foundations for respectful communication, boundaries and consent with your baby, with benefits which extend way beyond sleep. 

Sleep Savvy Grows with Your Family! Use my teachings up to 15 months and keep access for your next newborn!


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

* No Risk Money-Back Guarantee: included in your Sleep Savvy course is one email response from me, to help you troubleshoot. Create your plan and then use the email as needed. If you are unhappy with the course – just send me an email with the plan you created from watching the entire course, and a record of how each of the four nights and days went. Then you can choose: credit your course price toward consulting with me or take a full refund!




The only way your baby knows to fall asleep or fall back to sleep depends on a parent helping them down again and again. But infant sleep cycles are short for infants (20-30min daytime and 45min-1hr at night!), which means you’re all waking up a lot if baby needs your help to get back down each time! 

So many parents I work with start out with the plan to bed-share (purposefully, or accidentally!) and feed on demand as the easiest and quickest way for everyone to get a good nights’ sleep. Or you started bounding and now you’re …still bouncing but baby is getting heavier.

Your early instincts helped you survive! But then – things aren’t getting better after months and it seems like the early choices made for sleep are backfiring for your family. The biological and behavioral sciences of sleep weren’t taught to you in a baby manual, and each baby is a little different from others! You did absolutely nothing wrong. But now you have the opportunity to make the changes that will bring sustainable sleep

Sleep Savvy gives you a plan to feel confident in how you communicate with your baby in a different way- now it’s time to learn to sleep with only the kinds of support which lead to more secure, more independent sleep. Yes, they’ll complain and be frustrated (take it from me, you can’t change much about any human’s cozy habits without that human having feelings about it!. But instead of leaving them alone crying, you’ll you will lovingly support them as they adapt to your new boundary. Babies and toddler are so smart- the learning happens fast! They are built to survive snd thrive- which means they are built to adapt to changes in caregiving and environment!

If you’ve been shamed for bed-sharing or breastfeeding/bodyfeeding to sleep, or yoga-ball-bouncing to sleep- you can relax. This is a gentle-parenting-friendly zone and I have your back because I’ve been there.

If each month you kept believing it would organically get better and then it didn’t I’ve got you, my tired friend.

I never promise that your baby will “sleep through the night”. No human does that. We all wake multiple times at night- it is just as adults, we don’t need anyone to help us back to sleep, it’s usually automatic. And right now your baby does not yet understand that they are capable of doing it without you- and now we’re going to show them how capable they really are! 

So, if you’re ready to commit to just four nights of compassionately supporting your baby, I guarantee* that this method will help you guide your child to fall asleep more easily at naps and bedtime, and again when they wake at night, without always needing your help. And if they do need your support, they’ll be content with quicker, less physically intense connection. 

This is not a zero cry method, but neither is this ‘cry it out’. Nor is it a temporary fix in the way you’ve heard other parents need to keep repeating their “sleep training” method : we’re going to teach your baby lifelong sleep skills built on feelings of safety and security.

The Magical Modules

Abracadabra: Introduction to Sleep Savvy
The Magic and Science of Infant Sleep: Biology, Anthropology & Hormones
The Magic of Managing Mental Health, Feeding & Sleep
The Magic of Sleep Skills: Infant and Toddler Sleep Behavior
What Attachment Really is and How To Protect It
The Crying Question: Communication and Culture
Sleep Safety, Position & Environment Choices
The 6 C’s of Sleep Savvy (The big magic is here!)
Stress-free Nap Rhythms
SpellCasting: Writing Your Unique Sleep Savvy Plan
My Crystal Ball: Predictions for Your Sleep Plan Will Unfold
Incantation for Rest: A Pep Talk

Bonus: What to do instead if you just can’t handle any crying, even in your arms

Bonus: Lullabye Playlist- My favorites, if you can’t recall any! 

Bonus: Mantras and Visualizations to supercharge your sleep plan. Audio.

Bonus: Invitation to my FB sleep support forum


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

What parents say about the magic of Sleep Savvy:

“This course was amazing! The info provided was such an important building block to determine details of our sleep plan and inform the choices I made. I was nervous about our breastfeeding relationship, him waking up his older brother, the fact that he’s a contact koala baby. We had been bed-sharing and boobing all night for over 10 months. I was too tired and needed help. Moorea’s sleep course gave me the confidence and plan to just try!  He squawked for less than a minute every time he woke up, but then put himself back to sleep!  He’s been sleeping through the night for a while now and I can’t believe it! After a few days, the new sleep routine has even helped with naps! No more contact-napping- I’m free!! I truly can’t recommend this program enough!”

– Melissa


“I want you to know that your method was such a source of hope and light to me during a dark time of deep, prolonged sleep deprivation. Your work helped me climb out of that dark place, while respecting myself and my son, and honoring our relationship.”

– Samantha, Pittsburgh PA


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​



Here’s where other sleep consultants may not be a good a fit for you:

they aren’t trained in lactation, child development, infant or perinatal psychology, or educated in attachment theory, which leads to…

methods offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution, or expectations by age. Instead, Sleep Savvy is tailored to be as unique as your baby and your family’s current needs and values.

Some “controlled crying” methods like Ferber, TCB and many others have missed the boat on responsiveness and aren’t informed by the process of gradual secure attachment formation (when Sleep Savvy is just as effective, in a shorter amount of time!)

Some more “attachment/ biological sleep” perspectives don’t view the family as a system including adults having needs – such as bodily autonomy (you’re touched-out!) freedom from pain (your neck, your back…!), and the ability to function at work and at home, preservation of adult relationships – as well as baby’s needs for responsiveness. The need for sleep is a basic requirement which every member of your family deserves!
Parents and babies both have mental health needs.


My sun sign is in Libra – I am an absolute magician in helping you balance the needs of all family members.

I’m Moorea, The Sleep Witch

I’ve worked with tiny humans for over 25 years, most recently as a sleep consultant and lactation educator-counselor for over a decade. In that time I have helped thousands of babies (and parents) to sleep. 

I had my own wakeful baby, too- the inspiration for my life’s work. My kiddo seemed to need less sleep than any other baby I knew and woke every hour for many months. I re-read all the books I had used as a postpartum doula and night nanny, and the only method that sat right with my education and values actually seemed to make things worse!

Waiting-it-out was making me delirious with sleep deprivation. In fact, I experienced a short period of postpartum psychosis when night-waking was at its worst. But I still couldn’t bear to let my baby cry in a room alone (even with ‘check-ins’).

I had lost all sense of agency, creativity and personal power that I’d work so hard to cultivate in my life pre-parenting. 

So I took everything I knew about infant and toddler development, lactation and human cultural anthropology and dove deep into the research on infant sleep biology (why wasn’t this in the sleep books?!)  and created a method that would work for all families: especially co-sleeping and breastfeeding / chestfeeding ones. 

It was an experiment that turned out to be a miracle for my mental health and then a miracle for my friends’ families. I started teaching little classes that grew. Ten years later, Sleep Savvy has saved thousands of parents from exhaustion and the brink of mental health crisis. 

I know that parents can get their own needs met and still parent gently and attentively. We can acquire habits of communicating our needs, to model self care and boundaries for our children. 

Any good witch will tell you that consistency is an often-overlooked magical practice. Creating wellness, peace and ease takes trust, commitment and dedication. There is no easy potion. The magic is in you.  I’m just here to guide you with my experienced wisdom. 

You can expect to feel good about this process and you can expect it to go more smoothly than you imagined; but you must also expect to put in some work to support your baby! 

There’s no better feeling than learning to stay present and supportive and hold boundaries while your baby learns new sleep skills. Sleep Savvy is about balance and empowerment! 

Imagine how the world will look after just a few decent nights of sleep…

Instead of being held in bondage by exhaustion… you have cast a spell of sleep that gives you back to your Self and gives your family peace & more energy and time for finding joy together!.

You dream and desire again (at night, and in the daytime)… connect more with your role as a parent… make art, poetry or music again… make love… make new friends… pursue the things that are meaningful to you (now that you’re not constantly preoccupied by thoughts about sleep struggles).

It’s just on the other side of these links


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

You’ve probably been waiting months for things to get better on their own or trying things that don’t feel good- but you don’t have to wait any longer to get the sleep you need!

Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​


* No Risk Money-Back Guarantee: included in your Sleep Savvy online course is one email response from me, to help you troubleshoot. Create your plan and then use the email as needed. If you are unhappy with your journey – just send me an email with the plan you created from watching the entire course, and a record of how each of the four nights and days went. Then you can choose: credit your course price toward consulting support with me or take a full refund!

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