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FREE Webinar for Overnight Family Professionals


  • Postpartum Doulas
  • Newborn Care Specialists
  • Busy Birth Doulas
  • Busy Midwives
  • Night Nannies

… especially if you’re also parenting!
… even while homeschooling!


  • The science-based timing tips and tricks for preventing fatigue from your overnight work
  • How to align with circadian rhythms on work days and non-work days
  • How to promote hormonal balance for optimal sleep
  • If, when and how to use caffeine and other supplements to manage fatigue in a way that does not create a vicious cycle
  • How to decide how many work nights are too much from you
  • How to set your household sleep boundaries and get cooperation and support from your family/community
  • What about “fall back?!”